Natural Mediterranean Sponge


Our hand  harvested sea sponges are 100% natural and biodegradable. They have been sustainably hand harvested in the Mediterranean Sea in a area that does not cause any inconvenience for the fish living in the sea or for all the marine fauna. These sponges small/medium size sponges and are ideal for washing your face or small children. It creates abundant foam and is very soft, so it is very pleasant to wash with it. Its softness allows it to be able to wash baby too, you can also perform the baby change with our natural moistened sponge. The natural sponge is very supple, it does not irritate or damage the skin but leaves it soft like a baby's skin. This sponge is similar to silk. A natural sponge is composed of closed bubbles with a system of channels unlike a synthetic sponge. It therefore has the ability to absorb 3 times more water than a synthetic sponge and evacuate all impurities more easily. After use, rinse your sponge with clear water and let it dry in the open air. The natural sponge. Due to the organic nature of the sponge and it’s uniqueness each sponge may vary slightly in size and shape.